Gloucestershire Mammals

Dedication to Local Wildlife Conservation in Gloucestershire

Here in Gloucestershire, the land is rich with beautiful landscapes and habitats for all wildlife to thrive in. The several habitats in Gloucestershire have a common goal; to disperse all of the beautiful life across the land for future and current generations’ benefit. With over two thousand acres in rich land and sixty differing nature reserves, this should be an easy goal to accomplish.

You can help conserve wildlife in Gloucestershire in many different ways. A simple donation works wonders and will help plant more trees, develop more composts, and feed more animals. However, a donation of your time is even more valuable – for you, and for Gloucestershire’s wildlife. You can make great friends while being a friend to the world around you. Plant flowers that are beneficial to surrounding wildlife, such as forget-me-nots and cornflowers, which provide seeds for local birds. You can also create a compost, which encourages wildlife into your garden but also creates healthy, rich soil without use of harmful chemicals. Composting is easy- all of those vegetable peelings from dinner can be used to save Gloucestershire’s wildlife.

Wildlife Crime In Gloucestershire

In 2005, hunting deer, mink and hares with dogs officially became illegal. However, this has not stopped many hunting extremist groups from infringing on the law for their “sport”. Police have been using their stop and search power in woodland areas, but with prices for just a deer carcass going as high as  £200, these extremists do not stop. Not only does this endanger Gloucestershire’s wildlife, but it is putting citizens in danger as well.  Poachers that kill animals such as boar illegally and sell the meat are putting the people who buy it at great risk; the meat has not been inspected. There are a lot of poachers in the Forest of Dean area due to it’s well known larger population of boars and deer. Remember not to purchase any venison or boar meat unless you are positive it’s been deemed legal and safe for human consumption.

Gardening for Wildlife In Gloucestershire

Something as simple and enjoyable as creating and tending to a garden, which can be your own mini reserve, is extremely helpful to Gloucestershire’s wildlife. However small your garden may be, the more the merrier. These small gardens create patches for animals and insects to travel to while traveling the land. For your future mini reserve, plant flowers that are open faced and have seeds. Open faced flowers tend to have more nectar and pollen, which is essential for many creatures’ diets. The seeds that are left over make the perfect snack for birds like goldfinches and linnets. Some great local stockists that have these flowers include the Hoo House nursery, the Sunnyside garden center, and the Miserden Nursery. Another great addition to your yard is a birdhouse, with some bird feed in it. However, put it somewhere so no critters such as cats or dogs can reach it!

Different types of wildlife in Gloucestershire

There’s an extremely wide range of wildlife in Gloucestershire’s habitats. From mammals to fungi this area has it all. With some mammals being minks, badgers, otters, polecats, and red foxes, there are plenty of flying friends as well. There are several different species of wading birds, game birds, swallows, parakeets and even doves. The open faced flowers in your gardens help these birds especially, the seeds give them something quick and healthy to munch on. There are tons of newts, toads, frogs, lizards and even snakes here in Gloucestershire as well. As for freshwater fish, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and bullheads populate this area. Special breeds of butterflies, like the gatekeeper butterflies live in harmony in Gloucestershire along with many other insects including worms, dragonflies, bees, grasshoppers and more. But it does not stop at land and in the sky – Gloucestershire offers a rich marine life as well. From seals, sea urchins, and sharks to squids, this salt water has got it all. And the land has even more- beautiful types of wildflowers such as the bee orchid, chamomile and even orchids fill the grasses. These flowers are very important because their nectar and pollen feeds hungry insects and birds. Ferns and important fungi also take up this land. Fungi is especially important because it is extremely beneficial in composts. You can encourage fungal growth by creating a small mass of fallen dead wood.

The Many Habitats Across Gloucestershire

There are many habitats in Gloucestershire, and many that still need help. There are coastal, farmland, grassland, heath-land, marine, orchards, uplands, wetlands, and woodlands in Gloucestershire. Each of these habitats are home to beautiful wildlife that could always use your help. A small donation of your time, money, or knowledge is always beneficial.

Some of the local wildlife include:

Alcathoe Bat
American Mink
Bank Vole
Barbastelle Bat
Bechstein’s Bat
Brandt’s Bat
Brown Hare
Brown Long-eared Bat
Brown Rat
Common Shrew
Daubenton’s Bat
Fallow Deer
Field Vole
Greater Horseshoe Bat
Grey Squirrel
Grey Long-eared Bat
Harvest Mouse
House Mouse
Irish Hare
Leisler’s Bat
Lesser Horseshoe Bat
Mountain Hare
Muntjac Deer
Natterer’s Bat
Noctule Bat
Pine Marten
Pygmy Shrew
Red Deer
Red Fox
Red Squirrel
Roe Deer
Serotine Bat
Water Shrew
Water Vole
Whiskered Bat
Wood Mouse

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